TC cleaning & Depot services

KriCon offers reliable and professional cleaning, heating and repair services in several locations.

Together with professional service providers KriCon operates its own depot in Estonia where following services are available:

  • Steam heating up to 4 containers at the same time;
  • Cleaning of tank containers and road barrels with fully automated equipment (including IMO Class 6.1, Class 8 and Latex);
  • Tank container repairing and polishing services;
  • Pressure testing.

WHS services:

In planning smooth and fast movement of freight on a specified route quite often provisions must be made for intermediate stops. We provide short-term and long-term certified warehousing and storage services:

  • Sorting, weighing and measuring goods;
  • Repacking goods;
  • Formation of parcels;
  • Completion of transport documents;
  • Accounting goods stored;
  • Executing transactions;
  • Warehousing dangerous goods.

We also take care of stevedoring operation and related services:

  • Mechanized loading and unloading of goods;
  • Manual loading and unloading of goods;
  • Preparation for transportation;
  • Non-standard freight operations.